developing the agri
fintech ecosystem

why agri and fintech?


Food accounts for 3% of GDP. Agritech is leading the way with climate smart, data-led food production globally. Progressive Agritech companies are already developing a plan to monetise their data and distribution capacity via financial products which solve their client problems.


Fintech is eating financial services and has become ubiquitous. We believe that the best financial products are seamless, risk managed and reward sustainability. Food and Agriculture is uniquely placed to develop financial services for real world impact and that is why we want to build out this ecosystem.

where we want to go…

modern financial systems for modern food systems

Food and Agriculture has become a focal point in the battle against climate change.
Climate VC calculate that $7bn out of $16bn of investment in climate tech focused on Food

Open Banking is set to be worth $43bn globally by 2026.
The drive for alternative financial data sources in Food and Agriculture is still in its infancy.

Sustainability Reporting, such as Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) have achieved almost universal acceptance.

and how we arrived here ….

Niall Haughey


Niall specialised in Financial Services at Deloitte before founding an SME Payments business and performing advisory work for clients including Royal Bank of Scotland, Investec, UBS, Centrica and others.

Since 2015, Niall has focused on fintech product design and development for the Food and Agriculture sector in sub-Saharan Africa, including developing Input Finance, Warehouse Receipt Finance for grains and Pay-As-You-Go Asset Finance structures.

With Graze, Niall wants to utilise his combined expertise of conventional Financial Services and cutting edge Agri Fintech to design modern financial services for global food systems. Niall writes the Agri Fintech Newsletter covering this category globally.

Phil Sturgeon

Tech Lead

Phil is a specialist API Engineer, experienced in API design tools and API systems architecture.

Previous experience include, WeWork and many others.

Phil has been involved in the technical development of projects like the JSON Schema, OpenAPI, The League of Extraordinary Packages, PHP The Right Way, PHP-FIG, CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, and PyroCMS.

Phil is the Chairperson for Protect Earth, a Charity working with UK landowners to help plant trees.